Dietary Recommendations for Celiac Sprue/Gluten Free


Celiac Sprue is a disease of the lining of the small intestine. It is a genetic disorder that only occurs when the grain protein called gluten comes in contact with it. Gluten is present in wheat and all wheat products, barley, rye and to a lesser degree oats.

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Things to avoid

  • Do not eat anything that contains wheat, rye and barley. Only eat oats if you can be assured that the manufacturer processes it on a machine that is not also used to process wheat.
  • Do not consume, ingest or eat: Malt vinegar or other malt flavoring, as it contains gluten. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein unless made from soy or corn. Flour or cereal products unless made from pure rice flour, corn flour, potato flour or soy flour. Vegetable protein unless made from soy or corn. Modified starch or modified food starch, unless arrowroot, corn, potato, tapioca or maize is used. Vegetable gum unless made from carob bean, locust bean, cellulose, guar, gum Arabic, gum acacia, gum tragacanth, xanthum or vegetable starch. Soy sauce or soy sauce solids, unless you know they do not contain wheat.
  • The following words on food labels often mean that gluten has been used: stabilizer, starch, flavoring, emulsifier, hydrolyzed or plant protein. Check with pharmacist or pharmaceutical company about any gluten that may be contained in prescription products.


Things to do

The following can be eaten in any amount: corn, potato, rice, soybeans, tapioca, arrowroot, carob, buckwheat, millet, amaranth and quinoa.

Gluten Free Food Choices

  • Prebiotic (not to be confused with “probiotic”) plant fibers which do not contain gluten include onion, garlic, leeks, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, chicory root, jicama, dandelion, banana, agave, jams and prebiotin. 
  • Milk
    Whole, low-fat, skim, dry, evaporated or condensed milk; buttermilk; cream; whipping cream; Velveeta cheese food; American cheese; all aged cheese such as Cheddar, Swiss, Edam and Parmesan. 
  • Meat
    100% meat (no grain additives); seafood; poultry (breaded with pure cornmeal, potato flour or rice flour); peanut butter; eggs; dried beans or peas; pork. 
  • Breads and Grains 
    Cream of rice; cornmeal; hominy; rice; wild rice; gluten-free noodles; rice wafers; pure corn tortillas; specially prepared breads made with corn, rice, potato, soybean, tapioca, arrowroot, carob, buckwheat, millet, amaranth and quinoa flour.
  • Fats and Oils
    Butter; margarine; vegetable oil, shortening, lard. 
  • Fruits
    Plain fresh, frozen, canned or dried fruit; all fruit juices. 
  • Vegetables
    Fresh, frozen or canned vegetables; white and sweet potatoes; yams. 
  • Snacks and Desserts
    Brown and white sugar; rennet; fruit whips; gelatin; jelly; jam; honey; molasses; pure cocoa; fruit ice; carob. 
  • Beverages
    Tea; carbonated beverages (except root beer); fruit juices; mineral and carbonated waters; wines; instant or ground coffee. No gluten is contained in soups made with above allowed ingredients.
  • Thickening agents
    Gelatin; arrowroot starch; corn flour germ or bran; potato flour; potato starch flour; rice bran and flour; rice polish; soy flour; tapioca; sago. 
  • Condiments
    Gluten-free soy sauce; distilled white vinegar; olives; pickles; relish; ketchup. 
  • Seasonings
    Salt; pepper; herbs; flavored extracts; food coloring; cloves; ginger; nutmeg; cinnamon; bicarbonate of soda; baking powder; cream of tartar; monosodium glutamate.
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