Dietary Recommendations for Clear Liquid Diet


A Clear liquid diet may be prescribed prior to your procedure. Your meals may consist of any amount you would like of any of the listed food groups, and can only be from what it on this list.

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If it is not on the list, you may not have it!

  • Fruit Juices 
    Apple, White Grape, and Pineapple (No Pulp)

  • Beverages 
    Sprite, 7-Up, Green Tea, Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, Kool-Aid, Strained Lemonade, NO coffee

  • Soup 
    Clear Broth or Bouillon

  • Desserts/Sweets 
    Popsicles, Fruit Flavored Ices, Flavored Gelatin, and Hard, Clear Candy

  • Seasoning 
    Lemon Juice, Honey, Sugar
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